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"In terms of working with my brother…it’s amazing to have like a constant ally. I have someone who’s there with me and the coolest part is I get to share it with someone. I’ve got someone who’s by my side the whole time, so that’s amazing."

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Rihanna being a shady bitch during music awards - 2007/2013/2014

shadddddy hoe

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Haunting me and telling me that everything is fine but I wish I was dead.

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Kesha Rose - BBMAs Backstage Portrait 

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THIS. PERFORMANCE. Michelle slays. Joshua gets it.

I do, if ANY of y’all fuckers ever slate Queen Michelle I’ll send your ass to this video because she summons angels.. Bey & Kelly were scared that’s why she never got lead, now educate yo’selves..

One of my fave DC songs, and why Michelle was always my fave!   Mastterrrrrr


me in public when I’m alone..

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Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.

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